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Travelling in Times of Corona and entry requirements

The safety and well-being of passengers and crews are our top priority. Chair Airlines fully implements the hygiene measures and service concepts of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). Since the minimum distances in the cabin cannot always be maintained‚ all passengers aged six years and older as well as all crew members are required to wear a protective mask. In addition‚ the interaction between crew and passengers during the flight is kept to a minimum. Furthermore‚ our entire fleet is equipped with special "HEPA" air filters as standard.


Only fly when you feel healthy
Make sure that you only embark on your journey in case you feel healthy. Stay at home with symptoms such as: fever‚ cough‚ shortness of breath and loss of taste or smell.


Cover your mouth and nose
Ensure you have enough protective masks for your journey. Covering mouth and nose is mandatory on our flights for all passengers of 6 years and older.

Follow the general rules
Follow the general rules on hygiene and physical distancing such as washing your hands‚ keeping distance when queuing etc.


Plan more time
Please be at the airport 2 hours before depature‚ especially if you are checking in any luggage.
Where available‚ we recommend to check-in online at

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Currently online check-in is not available for flights from Hurghada to Zurich. Please plan enough time for the check-in at the airport.


Check entry requirements
Inform yourself about the entry regulations at your destination. If necessary‚ download the appropriate entry forms and complete them before departure.


Limited on-board service
Our service on board is limited. Until further notice‚ you cannot buy drinks‚ snacks or duty-free items on board. For each passenger there is a water bottle (0.5l) in her/his seat pocket. 


Entry requirements:

Here‚ passengers have the opportunity to find out about the corona measures applicable in the individual countries. This information is always updated. In principle‚ however‚ it is the responsibility of the passengers to familiarize themselves with the current entry requirements and to meet the relevant conditions.

Please note that Chair Airlines is not responsible for the content of external websites. 

Click here to go directly to the entry forms:

Entry form - Switzerland


The Federal Office of Public Health Switzerland has adopted new regulations for people entering Switzerland‚ effective February 22‚ 2021.

  • Collection of contact information: Contact information is collected from all persons entering the country via the electronic entry form.
  • As before‚ entry by air is only possible with a negative COVID-19 PCR test. All travelers must present a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours before boarding. In exceptional cases‚ a negative COVID-19 AntiGen rapid test that is not older than 24 hours is only permitted for the check at boarding‚ if the results of the COVID-19 PCR test are not available quickly enough. However‚ for the possible second control at the Swiss border‚ you need the negative result of the Covid-19 PCR test. If you do not have a negative PCR test result there‚ you will have to get tested immediately after entering the country at your own expense. The check is carried out before boarding the plane. Children under the age of 12 are exempt from this requirement. Children do not have to show a negative test result when boarding.
  • As in the past‚ persons entering Switzerland from a risk area will be placed in a 10-day quarantine immediately after entering the country and on a direct route. However‚ they can leave this quarantine from the seventh day onwards if the result of a rapid antigen test or PCR test is negative.
  • You must stay in your home or other suitable accommodation at all times during the ten days following your entry into Switzerland and avoid contact with other people.
  • Those entering from a non-risk country are also subject to PCR testing upon entry‚ but not quarantine.
  • The following entrants are exempt from the testing requirement: Persons with a medical certificate who have had COVID-19 within the three months prior to entry and are considered cured.


Northern Macedonia

Fill in the passenger health form prior to check-in in case you travel to Northern MacedoniaDownload Passenger Health Form




The Greek government requires all passengers to complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) at least 24 hours before departure to Greece (Heraklion‚ Kos‚ Rhodes). The form and detailed entry requirements can be found under the following link: Online Form

Important information: The Greek authorities require airlines to check and refuse transport if passengers are not in possession of the QR code. Passengers failing to provide the QR code upon arrival to the Greek authorities are subject to a fine of EUR 500.

Larnaca / Cyprus

PCR test and quarantine

The Cypriot government has put Switzerland on the list of high-risk countries (category C) because of the rising corona figures. Anyone who wants to enter Cyprus must show a negative PCR test and be placed in a fortnightly quarantine. The test result must not be older than 72 hours.

Cyprus Flight Pass

Please inform yourself about the current entry

The Cypriot government also requires from all passengers to complete the Cyprus Flight Pass within 24 hours prior to departure for Cyprus (Larnaca). The Cyprus Flight Pass and the detailed entry requirements can be found under the following link

Important information: The Cypriot authorities require airlines to check and refuse transport if passengers are not in possession of the Cyprus Flight Pass. Anyone arriving in Cyprus without having properly filled out the Cyprus Flight Pass will have to pay EUR 300 fine and/or undergo a Covid-19 test at the airport (EUR 60).



Arrival in Egypt

Passengers over 6 years of age travelling to Egypt are required to present a negative PCR test on entry. The result of the test (certificate) must include clear and correct passenger data and must not exceed 72 hours from flight time. The test certificate must be stamped with laboratory stamp or must incorporate laboratory watermark or QR code. In case of not having a hard copy of the result‚ passenger must be able to present an e-mail from the laboratory with the result or any proof that the result is official. Any result in handwriting will not be accepted. In case of missing any of above conditions‚ passenger must re-do the test at the airport with cost of 30 USD.

Alternatively‚ the test can be taken upon entry into Egypt. Due to low capacities‚ long waiting times may occur. A compulsory quarantine (e.g. in a hotel room) applies for the waiting period until a negative test result is available. If the test result is positive‚ the holidays must be spent in a quarantine hotel. Please note that we do not transport corona-positive passengers back to Switzerland.

Chair Airlines strongly recommends that the PCR test is performed in Switzerland before departure.

Please also fill in the declaration form prior to check-in in case you travel to EgyptDownload Declaration Form 

PCR test centers in Hurghada

Almost all hospital and labs in Egypt can perform PCR-tests. Here is a selection of the most known places:

General Hospital Eldahar‚ Hurghada‚ Red Sea +2 065 354 6741
Hurghada Joint Lab Eltarbeia We Eltaalim street‚ Eldahar‚ Hurghada‚ Red Sea +2 0122 754 1409
Elmokhtabar Lab 215 Elnasr Rd.‚ Eldahar‚ Hurghada‚ Red Sea +2 065 354 1187
Elborg Lab Elnasr Rd.‚ Eldahar‚ Hurghada‚ Red Sea +2 0114 666 0284
Al kawther Hospital Al kawther area ‚ Banks street‚ Building 37‚ Hurghada‚ Red Sea +2 0127 211 1172
Red Sea Hospital Elnasr Rd.‚ Eldahar‚ Hurghada‚ Red Sea +2 065 354 4850
Nile Hospital Airport Rd.‚ Hurghada‚ Red Sea +2 065 355 0974


New regulations for animals arriving/departing to/from Egypt

Arrival in Egypt: 
- Animal vaccines certificates must be valid
- PCR test will be mandatory done for all animals upon arrival at Hurghada airport
- Animal will be checked by Hurghada airport veterinary quarantine

For departure from Egypt:
- A health certificate must be with accompanied passenger and signed by local veterinary at Hurghada town


For all passengers arriving to Lebanon as a final destination:

  • Passenger must hold PCR negative test result (rapid PCR test is not accepted) from one of the certified laboratories by local authorities at point of departure and show it at check in.
  • Negative test result validity must not exceed 96 hours between the test result and the date of arrival to Lebanon.
  • Passengers who do not carry a negative PCR Test result are not allowed to board.
  • Passengers must complete the medical form issued by the Ministry of Public Health of Lebanon.
  • Must undergo another PCR test latest within 72 hours from the date of arrival to Lebanon at their own expense or quarantine at home OR hotel for 10 days from the date of arrival to Lebanon.

All passengers who left Lebanon and returning within one week:

  • Passengers who have left and returned to Lebanon within one week (who travelled during one day of the week and returned on same day during the following week) are not required to do PCR test at their point of departure.
  • Passengers arriving from Iraq‚ Egypt‚ Turkey‚ and all African countries must do PCR Test upon arrival at the airport.
  • Passengers arriving from other destinations can either undergo PCR Test upon arrival at the airport OR to do the test latest within 72 hours from the date of arrival at their own expenses.

Exemptions: PCR test is not required for:

  • Children under the age of 12 years upon arrival at Beirut airport and from departing station.
  • UNIFIL and members of accredited diplomatic upon arrival at Beirut airport.