Travelling with pets

Would you like to take your pet on holiday? We carry dogs‚ cats and turtles safely and comfortably in the cabin or luggage compartment.


Please note that we cannot transport dogs and cats with blunt noses (brachycephalic animals) such as pugs‚ bulldogs and Persian cats. Blunt-nosed breeds have anatomically constricted airways and may suffer from shortness of breath during the flight. Stress or high temperatures at departure or destination airports can lead to circulatory problems. Your animal may suffer serious health problems or even die during the journey.


Notify us well in advance‚ but latest 48 hours before departure‚ and have the transport confirmed in writing. Please note that we can only transport a limited amount of animals per flight and only dogs‚ cats and tortoises. Please contact us by telephone at +41 44 577 61 02.


Don't forget to obtain the necessary travel documents for your pet.


  • The fee for transporting your pet in the aircraft cabin (up to a maximum of 6kg) is CHF 90 one way.
  • The fee for transporting your pet in the hold (over 6kg) is up to 20kg CHF 140‚ more than 20 kg CHF 170.