Health and travel

Flying during Pregnancy

In order to avoid health risks for you and your child‚ we strongly recommend that you discuss your travel plans with your doctor.

Please remember to carry a medical certificate (pregnancy record) to verify your stage of pregnancy. In order to avoid risks to you and your unborn baby‚ you are only permitted to travel with us until the end of the 36th week of pregnancy. If your booking is for a flight later than this date‚ then Chair must deny you transportation. Please note that this also applies to the outbound flight when only the return flight is booked for the period after the 36th week of pregnancy.

Please note that for the avoidance of damage to health‚ we are unable to transport newborns up to an age of 48 hours.

Oxygen Bottle

If you need extra oxygen during the flight‚ we ask that you bring your own oxygen device. This must be registered at least 48 hours before departure and you must submit a medical report of your airworthiness. According to the dangerous goods regulations applicable in air traffic‚ oxygen cylinders with a filled state may weigh a maximum of 5 kg. Please note that liquid oxygen systems must not be transported.

When taking a personal oxygen bottle‚ the Application form for assistance and the Oxygen concentrator information sheet must be filled out‚ signed and submitted.


Flying with a cast

Passengers with a cast applied less than 48 hours ago should ensure that the cast is split along its entire length to prevent possible swelling during the flight. There is no obligation to split casts applied for more than 48 hours, and this applies to both plaster and resin casts. Please provide a corresponding certificate confirming the age of the cast.